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Your Views on Deep-Insight

In January, we asked you what you thought of your relationship with Deep-Insight so let me start by saying THANK YOU to everybody who completed our own Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) assessment. Two years ago we had a CRQ score of 5.7 and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +37%….

What is a ‘Good’ Employee Net Promoter Score?

Last year, I wrote a blog post entitled What is a ‘Good’ B2B Net Promoter Score? which turned out to be surprisingly popular. I’m guessing that was because there’s a lot of nonsense posted on the Internet about companies achieving a NPS (net promoter score) of +62% or even +78%,…

Do Americans REALLY score more positively than Europeans?

On August 26, 2014, Posted by , In Benchmarking,Net Promoter Score

In a previous blog, I wrote that Europeans were more stingy than Americans when it came to customer feedback. Or words to that effect. Since then, people have been asking if this is REALLY true, and where is the evidence for this claim. Well, yes it IS true and while…

Satisfaction or ‘Statisfaction’?

One of my esteemed colleagues recently sent a draft document to me that had a typo – satisfaction had been spelt with an extra ‘t’, making up a new word ‘statisfaction’. That got me thinking! I have been involved in numerous movements and initiatives to drive customer-focused business improvement for…

Why B2B Benchmarking is NOT a good idea!

On July 16, 2014, Posted by , In Benchmarking,Net Promoter Score

If I got a penny for every time a client has asked “How do we compare against our competitors?” or “How are we doing against the benchmark for our industry?” I’d be a rich man. Most of our clients want to know how they are doing against the benchmark score…